Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Having trouble focusing

Ah, procrastination - a job I am great at. I will put things off if possible until it is almost impossible to put them off any longer. Now, not all things, and not at all times. On occasion though, I get a good case of this bad habit, and it sure does take a toll. Today, I've completed 4 loads of laundry, washed a sink full of dishes (which is now full again, btw), slow cooked red beans, made rice, make cookies, balanced my checkbook, made a list of things I need to do for traveling, and managed to watch about 5 episodes of Castle. What have I not done? Schoolwork. Ugh...I just can't get into the groove. I did do some yesterday, and I did maybe 20 minutes today. Well, I planned in my lesson plans at least. Things have been sorta out-of-whack at work and my schedule/classes have been changed. So, I've been knocked off of my "life-is-balanced" ball, and need to re-balance into my new routine. That's all. I love my new job tasks, as I am working with preschoolers (the 2 and 3 year olds), as well as still getting time with my special needs kiddos. So, it's good, but just new. I'm out of focus.
And to boot, I am planning Family Literacy Night for this coming Friday, along with another coworker. She is taking care of the parent resource center, and I am taking care of all the other stations. So, I'm busy planning 13 activity rooms, preparing parent agendas/schedules for the night, organizing materials, organizing staff, and trying to not forget anything. I am very excited about this though. It should be fun.

But, it all boils down to the fact that I am unfocused. I'm off track and the train has ceased to stop to let me get back on. This week, I expect I'll be doing a lot of catching up. Once I get caught up and back on track, the rest of the year should be smooth. At least, I hope so. ;)

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