Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's COLD!!!!

I've been really proud of myself. I have not been belly-aching about the cold like I thought I would. I've been sucking it up and just adjusting. However, today, IT IS COLD. My eyes were actually hurting on the way home from school. It doesn't help that all the houses with chimney/fireplaces are burning, putting more smoke into the air than my poor sinus-sensitive head and lungs wish to breathe. But, that didn't even compare to the cold wind stinging my eyes. And there was no way for them to even water, because it was literally as if they were frozen. Which, at -30ish temps is understandable. So while I've been brave this whole time and making light of just how cold it is here, tonight, I am complaining. And the next time one of you complain because it isn't snowing and giving you that snow day you want off, remember I walk to work with frozen eyes. Yes, I did choose this path in life. But, choose this for yourself: think how lucky you have it. You have cars to drive to work, homes with central heating, and the means to buy warmer clothes. Kazakhstan is teaching me so much about just how spoiled and selfish I really was/am. 

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