Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Belated Christmas Box - AWESOME!

I had been waiting on the arrival of a box of goodies from home for 6 weeks. That is roughly 2 weeks longer than I've had to wait before, so I was getting quite anxious for it. Well, yesterday was the day. I was so thrilled to bring home the box and find out what wonderful goodies my family had sent. I got new bed sheets, a hoodie, socks, lots of muffin mixes, spices, gravies, instant rice packs, oatmeal, grits, a pizza cutter, circus peanuts (BEST candy ever), lotion, meds....OH, and so much more!! Thank you to my awesome family (which includes Joanne) for sending me such great things. I am blessed to have people who care and are willing to ship things half-way around the world for me!

Now, I am going to go enjoy a cup of tea with my new arrival of herbal tea to help relax my tummy. And, since I don't feel well today (preschool germs are attacking me, so hopefully I'll be sick now and adjust quickly!), I'm going to bed soon after the tea.

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