Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Friday, January 27, 2012

Aggies in Kazakhstan!

Last night, some coworkers and I went out for dinner to celebrate a birthday. The restaurant chosen was Turan Dot, the only Chinese place in town. It turns out, lots of other people were out celebrating last night. There was a large group of approximately 30 people at a table next to us. They were speaking English, so of course, we all wanted to know where they were from (as in which company they were working for here). Nobody would go ask - except me. So, I did. It turns out, they were having a send-off dinner for one of their workers. He is leaving for Trinidad. They were all from the British oil company (didn't get the name). Some how or another, Texas got brought into the conversation. I really do not remember how. Anyway, I said I went to A&M there. The guy leaving for Trinidad, David, said his coworker (one that couldn't come) was an Aggie as well and that they had a club here! She actually graduated about 5 years after me. The Aggie Family is such a strong one and the networks really are all over the world. I've met Aggies while traveling in Spain, Germany, and Ireland as well. So, David and I exchanged information and I went back to my table. I'm glad I'm not a shy person.

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