Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Monday, December 5, 2011

Vacation plans almost finalized

The flight is booked, the various hotels booked, and now...just waiting on confirmation for my desert safari! The outline of my vacation looks like this:

Leave Astana Dec. 15, in Abu Dhabi for 3 days. Then, Dubai for 5 days, then Abu Dhabi again for 2 more days. THEN, Paris for 11 days!!! Oh, I can't wait. And the one hotel I booked is a spa/health club, so I plan on taking advantage of the sauna, pool, massage....ahhhh. Paris is my love, so I don't need a fancy hotel there. I just need to get there! I've never had such a long vacation (excluding my study abroad experience), so I'm sure it'll be very difficult to go back to work, or even come back to negative temps. But, if it weren't for living here in the cold of Astana, I wouldn't be traveling the world, so I'll deal with the cold! ;)

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  1. Update....just got confirmation on desert safari! I can't wait to go sand surfing!