Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

overwhelmed at vet

Snickers is having trouble, again. Her belly keeps getting so constipated she barely moves. She had an enema a few months back and was put on special food for sensitive bellies. Well, we were back at the vet tonight. She got a sonogram and there were some things the vet said looked "off". I didn't understand much of anything the vet said, but I heard the word bad and renal and those two words made my heart drop. I mean, I took her in to see why she's getting so backed up all of the time, but never thought I'd hear those words. The rest is blurry b/c things were getting lost in translation. All I know is that Snickers goes back on Friday morning for blood-work and we'll go from there.

Of course, I immediately came home and googled this condition. Some symptoms fit, but she has NOT lost her appetite, nor any weight. Hell, she continues to gain weight, but my guess is b/c her belly is full of crap. :( I am so scared at the idea of losing my baby - the one companion I brought with me to my new life - the one thing I enjoy coming home to every night and waking up to every day. Oiy. I sure hope the doctor is wrong on this one.

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