Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sandwichs / Boissons

So, gem number two has been found. About a block or so down from my hotel is a little tiny sandwich shop. It has no name, just a sign that says, "Sandwichs/Boissons".  Inside, there are two round tables, each one able to seat two people. And, there is a bar, that is able to seat 4 more. You can nearly touch the walls with your arms stretched out. The husband and wife team that run it are originally from the middle-east somewhere. The have a little cooler that keeps the sodas, yogurts, etc. cool, a panini maker, a microwave, an electric wok, and mini-fridge under the working area. They speak English and are very nice. The gem of this place is the meal deal. You get a panini, a yogurt or pudding, and a drink for 5.50 euro. But, they are super nice and keep throwing in fresh fruit for me as well, so I have been having bananas for breakfast! Nowhere else in town can you get this good of a deal. And, I watch him make my panini fresh, not grab it out of the display,where it could have been sitting for who knows how long. (Although, that is exactly the type of place I grabbed lunch from.)

I'll go back again. Between that and the cheap and yummy crepes about 3 blocks in the other direction, I am set! It dawned on me today, that I only have 5 days left. Oh, how sad. And just when I am discovering how to eat well for about 10 euro a day.

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