Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Friday, December 2, 2011

Results are in

Some coworkers and I, along with a lovely British couple, participated in a month-long scavenger hunt through the U.S. embassy. We went looking all over Astana for clues, pictures, etc. It was a great way to discover parts of the city that you otherwise would not go to. So, each week, there was a timed bonus, which we were never able to get first. Last night, they had a private party for all participants at the indoor beach inside the mall. It was so cool! It was a humid 80 degrees, so it was doable to swim There was a wave pool, though mostly it wasn't making waves. And, there are two indoor slides. One is for just you and one is if you want to use an tube. They were so much fun! They also provided plates of fruit, chips, chicken wings, and french fries for munchies. Then, around midnight, they announced the winners. Now, bear in mind that 5 teams were tied after the last round of questions, so the tie-breaker was to see who could find the most soviet relics that were in their original spots. No museums, restaurant decor, etc. It came down to us, and the other international school, who just opened and is state of the art here. They got a lot of our kids from last year at their school now. Then,........it was announced. We won!!!  All of our hard work paid off. I was soooo excited! We got two Kazakhstan robes (one of which I got), 5 decorative knives, a bottle of black label Johnny Walker, a souvenir bottle of vodka (cheap vodka, but cute souvenir, and I got to keep that), a letterman (some swiss army type knife the boys wanted), a box of truffles, and an awesome trophy  that will go to our school to proudly be displayed. It was a good night!

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