Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

oh, how different it is to have money

Ok, it's not like I really know the feeling of financial wealth, nor do I ever plan to, especially since I am a teacher. But, I see some of our students and their oblivious ways to those less fortunate. Some have parents working in the embassy, some parents work for the big oil companies...others, well, who knows. But, they live a very pampered life. Most have drivers that bring them to and from school. (I didn't say parents, I said drivers. This is a tad different than all of those kids in the U.S.A. whose parents drop them off) They have the latest technology gadgets, and they are used to traveling the world without the hassles of arranging the trip. I actually had a student looked shocked the other day when I mentioned walking to work. He asked, "You walk to work every day?" I had to laugh. His face was so sincere and he really had no idea that some people don't have drivers or a car of their own. Unfortunately, some of these kids have no idea what it is like to not have the money to travel, to go to the movies whenever they want, etc. I almost feel more sorry for the kids from the wealthy families. Learning the hard-knocks lessons of finances at a later age in life is not something I recommend.

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