Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Monday, December 26, 2011

Le Petit Marcel - Magnifique

Tonight, I stumbled across one of those little "hole-in-the-wall" type of places. It was small and quaint, with a lot of charm. Of the approximately 20 tables, 4 were occupied. I decided to have dinner. Thank goodness I arrived when I did. Before long, people were pouring in and the entire place was packed! I can understand why. The servers are old, French men who have a "grandpa-ish" charm about them and the food is outstanding. Even better, things are priced right. (****Punxsutawney people:  This place reminded me so much of Ruth and Harry's, only smaller! I really had that feeling of being back there with my grandpa as a child, eating home-cooked food and enjoying the attention Ruth always gave to us kids.)

I began with my favorite French appetizer - escargot. Oh, la la! These were perfectly done and seasoned in the same perfect manner. Then, for the first time, I tried Tartare. Now, I love a good medium-rare steak, where there is bloody juice to sop up with my potatoes. So, I figured I'd give the raw stuff a chance. Yeah, not really for me. It was seasoned well, but somewhere between my mind knowing it was raw and it being cold, I just couldn't get into it. I managed to eat about half, which is great, considering the amount served was proportionate to a baseball! And for dessert, I finished off my meal with a delicious creme brulee and coffee. The creme brulee was bite after bite of heaven in a dish. Surprisingly, I didn't have wine with dinner. I decided to go the beer route tonight instead.

After dinner, I walked around the neighborhood, enjoying the nice weather. I thought my  nice was about complete until I saw an old man having a conversation with another fellow - cigarette in one had and his penis in another, taking a leak in front of a hotel. Yep, that completed the night. Haha.

I'm so glad I found this little treasure. Tomorrow, I go in search of another one. :)

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