Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Monday, December 26, 2011

Side street gambling...

I wanted to blog about this while in Abu Dhabi, but forgot, until I saw it again today. In Abu Dhabi, there was a side street with several different gambling "tables" (aka: Ironing boards) with a belt and money being taken. There were several men at each table, so I was unable to get a very good view and really see the gist of the game. From what I could see, it involved putting a coin in a belt that was then wrapped up, slapped a few times in various manners, and then....well, that is where I lost track due to not being able to see properly. I was a tad apprehensive to ask the men to move out of the way so I could get a better look. Besides, they were all so engrossed, I just moved on.

Today, while walking along in Paris, I saw a similar scene. The differences were: 1) the "table" was now a box, 2) the game was now cups with a ball underneath. This I understand. Watch...watch..where did it go? Haha. Again, mostly men were around and money was being taken. I'm always amazed how how gambling can get the best of almost anyone. I've never been one to gamble myself - at least not with money. When my friends and I went to Atlantic City one time, I spent the evening drinking and eating, while they lost money. I was much more content on the way home then they were. :)

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