Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

If only Russian were as easy...

While on my way home last night, a young  man stopped me and asked to take me to a cafe. Normally, I would have said yes, but I didn't feel well. I speak very few words in French and he spoke very few words in English. Yet, we managed to have a 20 min. conversation and decide to meet at a cafe today for lunch. While we were talking, we managed to exchange job information, where we live, how old we are, names (always a good thing), birthdays, and reasons to be in Paris. Now, this would never have happened in Kazakhstan, b/c even when people try to explain things in Russian, I just can't understand. Yet, in French, I can figure some things out. Of course, this just fueled my desire to really learn French more. I know, I should want to learn Russian. But, I don't plan to live there the rest of my life. I do, however, plan to live in France someday. So, French wins. ;)

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