Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Brugge, Belgium - museums I can REALLY enjoy.

Although I truly love Paris, I found myself in the opportunity for a day trip to Belgium. It wasn't the capital, but a trip to another country non-the-less. So, I hopped a bus and went to Brugge. The town itself is quite charming. It's old architecture and quaint little shops. Horse-drawn carriages are the "taxis" of the town. Most people ride bicycles. The canal goes around the town and provides a great tour of the city. Since I was on limited time there, I picked out the most important things I wanted to do and made sure I got to them. All of them were museums! I know what you are thinking..."Johanna, you aren't big into museums. Really?"  Well, these were museums close to my heart: a beer brewery/museum, a french fry museum, and a chocolate museum. :)

The brewery was the best tour I've ever been on in terms of information, humor, and then a really good treat at the end. The friet museum (fries) was an on-your-own thing. It had a ton of information though. At the end, you were able to get fries, although not included with the price. :(  I did, however, score a discount here for being a teacher. :) Then, onto dessert. The chocolate museum also gave me a discount, ending up being the cheapest one to attend! I got to see how they make cream filled molds (which we then got to sample), see sculptures made entirely of chocolate, and even learn all sorts of facts about chocolate. For example, the church actually banned it once in Spain b/c the rich ladies being brought chocolate all the time was annoying and disruptive. So, people stopped going to church. Then, the priest was poisoned (ironically in his hot chocolate) and the rule done away with.

I ended my day with buying some chocolates (duh!) and a bag of mini-waffle cookies. All I can say about them is WOW. They are so yummy! I am now wishing I would have bought the large bag!

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