Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Missing American flea markets

There are a million things I love about traveling. I love meeting new people, eating new foods, seeing various architectures, etc. But, the one thing I have found while moving about is that nobody, and I mean NOBODY does flea markets like America. And boy, do I miss them. Marche aux Puces (flea market here in Paris) is supposed to be one of the best. Well, I was hugely disappointed this morning. Not only was there little variety, but most of the prices were above the shops you find around town. There was one particular little folding table that I adored. It was wooden and had an elephant on it. It was able to be folded down, so I could carry it on board in a small bag. He wanted 100 euros for it. I laughed. He said to make him an offer. After I explained my offer would offend him, so no thanks, he said, "OK, I'll come down. You give me 80."  Again, I laughed and told him I wouldn't even come close to giving him that. Then, I proceeded to walk away. I really liked that table, but hell, for 80 euro (more in U.S. dollars), I could have the damn thing made and stained in the color of my choice!

So, although I won't be able to buy a lot due to having to ship it back to Kazakhstan, I have full intentions of visiting the flea markets while in the states this summer. I know I can get great deals on some amazing finds. Until then, I'll stick to buying what I know best - food! :)

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