Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Friday, December 9, 2011

Affordable healthcare almost makes it ok

So, my precious baby had to get blood work today. She was miserable, as was I. Here, they do not have several vets and or techs working in one office. Nope..sometimes just one person. So, you have to be the bad guy that holds your loved one down while they stick them with enemas, needles, etc. I hate the guilt of it all, but know it has to be done. Now, it's a waiting game. I will hopefully have test results by Monday. The only beneficial aspect to this mess is that I can afford medical care for her much easier here. Not that I have ever denied my baby of a vet visit. Some of you know darn well how much I have spent on my fuzzy friends over the years. But at least it doesn't hurt the wallet as much here. Blood work and visit today was $27.00.  I actually spent the same amount on cat litter and taxis to and from the appointment. So, a grand total for her was $54. 00 for the day. I sure hope we don't have to make visits often though. I'd much rather my baby just be healthy. I'll keep you posted.

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