Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Steppe in time scavenger hunt

My coworkers and I signed up for an embassy sponsored event that is a scavenger hunt for four weeks around the city of Astana. And, there is a weekly bonus prize. This week it was coffee and three bottles of liquor. We just started tonight, so not sure who won that yet. But, at the end, there is a party at the indoor beach inside the mall. :)  So, I get to see the city, have fun, and then go party for free at a beach. Really? How could this NOT be worth it? haha.  I'm also hoping it gives me a chance to get to know my one coworker better. She's awesome, but we rarely get to see each other during the school day due to schedules, etc. So, hopefully....

Other than that, same old. There is more I want to say, but had a few beers and I  hear another calling my name...so, gotta go...will be back tomorrow.

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