Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Friday, November 4, 2011

Taking advantage of free events leads to new appreciations

Tonight, I attended my first ever cycling event. It happened to be the UCI World Cup Track Cycling. I thought to myself, "Sure..what the hell. I'll go just for something to do." It turns out, it is pretty cool watching them speed around at nearly 33 miles per hour trying not to crash into each other. Although, some did. :( There are so many things here in Astana that are free (it helps to have connections at an international school), or are so dirt cheap (like the ballet and opera) that you can't pass them up. My intake of culture and various athletic events has been amazing and I am learning to appreciate so many things - more than I had ever imagined. I also had no idea of the stamina it took for racing on bicycles, even if it is just on an indoor track. Geez.

And while it is getting colder here, I still can't seem to find enough fault in that to outweigh the positive experiences that I have been blessed with. Granted, it's still above freezing, but still.  On that particular note, while coming home, we found a cat outside. She is small and very friendly. She is clean as well. I'm thinking she has to belong to someone. But, who? I can't just ask around due to the language barrier. I did what any good cat lover would do. I fed her. I played with her a while. Then, I brought her into my building, where she would at least be warm. I couldn't bring her to my place despite wanting to. It would kill me to have to give her back to the cold of the outdoors, knowing I couldn't keep her. So, for now, she is inside and warm. I figure someone will let her back out or adopt her. I'll check on her again in the morning.

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