Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The problem has been found.

Good news is, I know what the problem is. Bad news is, I can't fix it right now. It seems that blog sites are blocked in Kazakhstan. I'm not sure how I slipped it in for a few months, but that is the problem. So, a VPN could help, but I figured as long as you all can read it, I do not need to see it. Unfortunately, I won't be adding pics to it, but I found a solution for that too. You can go to http://www.travelingspedteacher.weebly.com and see my pics there. :)  I'll blog here, but put pics there after trips. I'll be sure to update you all when I add pics. They have a blog section too, but after all the blogs I have on here, I didn't want to switch over. Besides, I like being able to go back and catch up on things.

Work is going well and the weather is bearable for now. I guess if I adjust slowly, it'll be ok. Almost all of our secondary students will be on a soccer tournament the next two days, so my building will be very quiet. YEAH! :)  Our campus is split into 3 buildings and I am in the secondary student and offices building. We get a lot of traffic. The other two buildings are 1)preschool-6 yr. olds and art and 2) 8-11 yr. olds, music, and library. I can't wait until we get our new school in 2012/2013 and we'll all be in one building. Having to go between buildings for classes, and to a different building for lunch, is just silly during rain or really cold weather.

I plan to do some Christmas shopping this weekend. I have to get it done and get the box in the mail within the next two weeks so I know my family gets the items for Christmas in time. I've always been one who loves a reason to shop and even more so when I have the funds to do it! Haha.

One last note....the spell checker is also "broke" now too. SO, if I make a bunch of mistakes....well, get over it. I admit I am not perfect, so you can finally admit it too. ;) Thanks for staying w/me on the blog!!!

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