Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sometimes, you just can't say what you want...

Recently, I found out some news that would make me very happy (school related), and I was for a brief moment. Then, I found out that I was still back at square one with my desires to start an early intervention/preschool program for special ed kiddos. I can't say what I thought was a good thing (also b/c of work), but I can that I am confused. I just don't get people. Why is it that when something so morally right slaps you in the face with the ease of doing it, some people just pretend they didn't get slapped? Hmm...I am so unsure. But, nonetheless, I am still determined and will be beginning work on the proposal soon. In the meantime, I have my excited about spending 11 days in Paris for the holidays. And, it'll be here in 7.5 weeks! I know, a tad early to count down, but I am so excited.

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