Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Monday, October 31, 2011

Kazakhstan NOT the worst drivers

No, no..that award definitely goes to the Greeks. Sorry, Greeks. You are incredibly nice people with lots of love for your culture, but your driving sucks! At least in Kazakhstan, they will stop at the crosswalks for you. In Greece, they will at least swerve to miss you while they speed past you. And, there is no "no-passing" zones. If they can move around you, they do. The biggest danger are the people on scooters and motorcycles. They dominate traffic. And if it weren't bad enough trying to cross at a crosswalk, they also drive on sidewalks! Yep, read that correctly! If they are going to a cafe or store, most will park in front of it, meaning they drive on the sidewalks to get there. So, no matter which way you turn, you are not safe from being run over. Thank goodness I pay attention. I never thought I would think Kazakhs are good drivers, but thanks to Greeks, I now do.

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