Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Friday, November 11, 2011

adults having as much fun as kids...

Tonight was Family Art Night at school. We had huge playhouses that we painted, together with kids and parents. Each class had a box. I volunteered to work with the preschool class.  We had a decent turn out and it was a blast! Everyone was painting, adding their own touches, painting on their friends (middle school kids..lol)., listening to music, talking, and just letting go. I have always been the creative, art-project type of teacher, but this was just full-scale awesome, thanks to our amazing 8 yr. old teacher, Nina. Although my activity night I chose to organize won't be as hands-on as painting play houses, I am still very excited about Literacy Night in January.
Now, to figure out how to get the paint off from tonight. Regular soap and water isn't working. AH! I just remember the middle school kids who painted their faces. HAHAHAHAHAHA. They are gonna look pretty silly tomorrow!

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