Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Not being able to fix something can hurt...

My poor baby, Snickers, is sick. Her belly was hard and she had stopped eating and using the bathroom. So, I did what any parent would do and I took her to the doctor. The vet was very nice, but thank goodness I had a friend with me to translate, as the vet didn't speak any English. Anyway, they checked her sugar, which was fine. She had a temp though, or at least I think they said she did. Her belly was very hard. The vet gave her an enema, which my baby HATED. She actually bit for the first time in her life! :(  She ended up not excreting much from the enema, but did vomit quite a bit. I have never seen an animal projectile vomit! So, as I am in tears and feeling horrible, the vet kept reassuring me it was ok. My friend understood my emotions and said it was truly what was best for Snickers. She is now VERY smelly due to the vomit and diarrhea, but home and resting. The vet wants to see her again tomorrow for a check up and possible ultrasound on her belly. I hate that I can't fix my baby. She just looks at me with those big green eyes - so sad. My heart is breaking. At least I know now, there is a vet here that is very nice and cares about my little girl. Unfortunately, I found out the food she loves and has been eating is NOT good for them. The vet said I need to switch immediately, which I will. Fortunately, the cost of medical care here for her is very affordable. My entire visit today, including the enema and two shots (antibiotic and one for bowels), was only $13.00!!!!! Now, here's to hoping my baby is better SOON!

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