Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Saturday, September 17, 2011

That does it...I have got to learn Russian!

After a fun-filled night at the bar celebrating a friend's birthday, we got a taxi home. Oh, the driver was cute. One of the cutest I've seen thus far in Kazakhstan, per my taste. There are lots of cuties, but they are very skinny men. That is not working for me. Anyway, he asked my friends what language I was speaking. They told him English. He said it was a beautiful language. I, of course, thought "really"? Anyway, I proceeded to have my friends tell him I thought he was attractive and he replied that he thought I was as well. Then.......it ended there. Yep, that was about all that we could enjoy...knowing we thought each other was attractive. He didn't speak ANY English, and my Russian consists of about 10 words. Maybe next time, eh?

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