Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Friday, September 16, 2011

Hockey is addicting

I have always been a hockey fan, but never a TRUE hockey officianado. I love the Pens, and have enjoyed watching many of games on the tv, but due to prices, locations, etc., never made it to a hockey game. Well, that changed tonight. I got to go to my first real hockey game! It was amazing!!! Our local Astana team was playing a Russian team. To start, tickets were only $10. We get inside and find our seats. They were right above the players! Literally, you had to keep an eye out for flying pucks! So, we score first and the crowd is pumped. Then, they tie. We proceed to score two more back-to-back goals on power plays. YEAH! Ah, they catch up. Oh no, they take the lead. Meanwhile, the intensity of this game is just overwhelming. Then, we tie! The buzzer sounds. Overtime, here we come. Nobody scores, so penalty shots follow. We see our defeat here. But, the overall game was so much fun and I will DEFINITELY be going back for more! I even want to get a jersey! Now...to figure out whose jersey I should get. I'll have to do some homework. Oh, and a cool fact: TWO of the hockey players have their children at our school!!  So, it is safe to say that I am hooked, even more so than I was before.

(PS...it's late and I just had some beer...so if any of my posts ever ramble or have errors...well, so what! hahaha)

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