Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Some things you just miss...

I have been in Astana for over a month now and am still enjoying it to the max. I have new friends, a great job, lots of great food available, and for now, good weather. Check back with me in January and I will have a different story. ;)  As much as I love it here, there are certain things we become accustomed to in our lives that we miss when we no longer have. I do not miss a car. I don't even miss McDonald's. (Although, Taco Bell would taste good right about now....) For me, it is certain products I use that I find myself desperate for here. Luckily, I brought some with me. And, thanks to my wonderful mother, another box arrived today! What are these prized items you ask? Well, vitamins for one. They are hard to come by here (with same dosage as USA) and when you do, they are pricey. So, I'm glad to have those. But, my biggest excitement today was my lotion. I use Vaseline Firming Lotion (blue bottle) and they DO NOT have this here. I've asked. This is one of the few lotions out there that doesn't break me out, doesn't make me itchy, doesn't cost a ton, and with firming, helps me out in more ways than one! I LOVE THIS LOTION! So, it will definitely be something I bring back on my next trip. It will also be something I ask my mom to send me every so often.

I'm learning to live without hangers. I'm learning to live without Walmart and cheap prices for kitchen items, but I WILL NOT learn to live without my lotion!

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