Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Real American cookies!

Our school offers after school activities twice a week and study hall three times a week for preK-11 yr. olds. The secondary kids are still in school at that time. Each teacher outside of secondary, including paras, are assigned to one of the days. I have Tuesdays. I got to pick what activity I offered, and I chose cookie making. Why not? :)  There were 3 adults and 14 kids. We had a blast. We made snickerdoodles. Most of the kids have never had them. Kazakhstan has cookies, but let me tell you, those are NOT one of the homemade items they do as good as we do back in the states. Other things are the best, but not cookies. It was SO good to have an American cookie today, made the way I would make them back home. The kids loved them and we took the left overs to our staff meeting, where they were a huge hit as well. Next week, the kids unanimously voted for chocolate chip. Now...to find the chocolate chips. Most people just break up a chocolate bar here. Hmmm......

Either way, the next 5 weeks are going to be yummy! Each 6 weeks we change activities. I'm offering glue activities after this: glue art, slime, etc. Yes, the child in me is enjoying this as much as the kids. So, if anyone has a good suggestion for a classic (and EASY to make) American cookie, send it to me!

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