Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Friday, September 2, 2011

Party like a Kazakh

Well, it is 2:40 am here and I am just arriving home. The sad part is that I left early! Yep, they sure know how to party here. My local teacher friends took me out tonight and showed me a great time. We started with a wine tasting/cheese/sausage (including horse meat sausage) party at our new directors house. Then, we headed to a local sports bar of sorts, where we had beer, whiskey, pizza, and hooka. I didn't drink the whiskey, but participated in the hooka. It was strawberry..yum. From there, we hit a fancy nightclub. It is known as the Presidential night club...where lots of famous people have been, including Sylvester Stallone. :) It was great and I was having a blast, but at last, my week caught up with me and I had to depart. My friends were still dancing strong and planned on doing coffee afterwards. One of them even had to work tomorrow!!! So, I promised that with time, I'd "learn to keep up". A night with the locals is just what I needed!

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