Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

No power, no problem...keep working!

This afternoon, my classroom lights flickered, then went out. I just assumed a fuse or bulb or something like that went. Then, the computer went. After checking the floor, it was all of our building. Then, it was all of our campus. NO!!!! How would I email my director about our staff meeting? How would we make cookies for our after-school activity? How....wait...what was I freaking out about? It's not like I haven't ever been without power. Geez. Get a grip, Johanna. OK, you are at school and things have to be switched around, but life goes on. And it did. For our activity, we made recipe books instead. Our meeting continued and I just jumped in as needed. We made it through the last two hours of work and all was fine. People do this all the time. And it isn't like my email works half of the time anyway. The internet connection here is not the best, to put it nicely. ;)   The best part this afternoon?.....my student, sitting by the wind. We were discussing control groups in experiments. We enjoyed good conversation. Maybe, just maybe, I should try leaving the computer and lights off more often.

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