Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ballet beautiful - unattended teenagers annoying

I have friends who always say they wish movies, airlines, restaurants, and any other public area, had an adults only section. Some people just don't like kids. I, being a teacher, obviously have some tolerance. However, annoying teenagers are in another realm. We went to see Swan Lake this evening. It was absolutely beautiful. The music, the dancers, the costumes - all captivating. Unfortunately, I had to come within inches of threatening the group of boys behind me who felt it necessary to play video games and carry on with one another. It seemed that there was a large group of students on a field trip or something, because they were there, but yet no adult seemed to be keeping tabs on them. They were obnoxious. I heard them speaking English, which was good. I knew they  understood when I turned around and said, "OK, that is enough and I mean it! If I have to turn around one more time....."  Yes, I went into the mother/teacher voice and tone. And, it worked - mostly. They were still obnoxious, but at a whispering level, which I could handle.   I greatly enjoyed the ballet overall and met several nice people who work at the same company as my students' mom does. That's the first time I've heard so many English speaking people in one place besides school! Tomorrow.....hockey!!!

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