Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Negotiation is universal

I went to the outdoor bazaar today. I discovered it is not like a flea market, because everything is new! Of course, it isn't all high-quality, but hey, it's new. I was told that they will overprice things for foreigners, so of course, I was prepared for some negotiations. The first attempt was for a set of plastic bowls. I really liked them too, which made it harder to not just pay full price. He wanted 1500 tenge for 6 bowls. That is $10.27. Granted, this isn't like back home, where I can get these for $5 at Walmart. I offered 1,000 tenge. He said no and I walked. I didn't find any others like it either. O-well. Live goes on. But, I did find a tupperware set (expensive here as well) that was a 5 piece w/locking lids for 1,000 tenge ($6.80). I am most proud of my negotiation on the last purchase though. I found a nice down-filled pillow for on the large window sill (for my cat) and a beautiful pillow cover for my mom at the same fabric stand. They wanted 1800 tenge total and I was able to get them for 1500. :) It may not seem like a huge savings, but for not being able to speak the language (esp. numbers), I was proud of myself and my efforts. I plan to go back again, maybe with a local friend, who can help me with the prices some more.

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