Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Service companies are no better here.

I was informed that I had to be around my apartment between 2 and 6 pm today, as the cable AND phone guys were coming to take care of everything. Much to my dissatisfaction, I remained true and waited. And, much like back home, NEITHER SHOWED! Unfortunately, I could not call either company myself to say, "Hey, what the hell?"  So, after calling my school contact, I was informed the cable guy didn't see my order and thought he was done for the day. Oops. And the phone guy, she didn't have a number for. So, not sure what his "excuse" was. Either way, my Saturday afternoon was not spend doing what I wanted. However, I think Snickers enjoyed having me home to cuddle her. And tomorrow, I'm going to the outdoor bazaar (very big here - kinda like a flea market, but not quite).  I am excited about that! On the bright side, stuff like this happening doesn't make me feel like I am in a foreign country. lol

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