Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Healing well, but fighting temptation is hard

I'm done with most of my medications for my stomach. I have a few more days of one and about two more weeks with the last one on a daily basis. I've been being very good about my diet. I limit my daily oil intake to what I use to cook my morning eggs. I eat dry toast. I practically live on rice and steamed veggies, and for lunches at school - plain tuna fish on crackers or ramen noodles. And while I have not grown ridiculously tired of this yet, I am missing some of my favorite things - like beer and fried food. But, I know that it takes time for the ulcers to heal. I know what needs to be done.

Yesterday was our Grand Opening of our new school campus, along with our International Pot-luck event. There were so many wonderful things there. The Indian community was in full force with some amazing looking and smelling foods. And while I wanted to sample EVERYTHING, I stuck to the one thing I knew would not upset my stomach - Gim Bap (Korean food). Oh, and I also had some rice pudding. So, lots of rice, along with more veggies. But, I didn't get sick. And that is worth the struggles of resisting what I used to eat. The pain that I felt while in the hospital is one that I never wish to experience again. EVER. So I will continue to eat right. I lost 8 pounds, which I could afford to lose, and am holding at the new weight. I could probably afford to lose another 10, but I'm comfortable with 4 more off. I do not mind having curves or love handles.

I head to Malaysia in two weeks for my fall vacation, so I really need to keep being good. And while there, I will not overdo it. I have already decided it is going to have to be the food or alcohol, but I can't have both. I am choosing food. I'll still take it easy, but I want to experience authentic food while there.

As for school, it is going well. I am still not settled into a routine yet (things keep changing), but I am still enjoying it greatly. We have a field trip this week to a local park, as long as it doesn't rain. And we have off Thursday for a Chinese holiday - Mid Autumn Festival. So, not a bad week! Then, only one more full week until I am on a beach relaxing. Yep, life overseas is still good. :)

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