Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Thursday, August 29, 2013

First week of school and what a ride!

I have had the most intense week, starting last Friday. Friday was our first full day of  school with our kiddos. My kids are adorable and all were in the honeymoon phase of not knowing what to expect, so they were well behaved! I have 15 of the 18 show up. A lot of them are Chinese, but I do have the most precious little girl from the Philippines. She told me she loves me! haha. So, the day was going wonderfully and was the best first day in the history of my first days of school - until lunch.

I woke up that morning feeling achy, but figured it was just fatigue. We had all been working so hard to get the school ready to open. But after eating lunch, the stomach pains started. I was in so much pain. But, I managed to make it through the end of the day and go home. Unfortunately, once I got home and tried to rest, it got worse. I was severely dehydrated (due to stomach/bathroom issues) and was barely able to stand. A friend agreed to go with me to the hospital. They admitted me, as my fever was 40 Celsius, which is 104 Fahrenheit!! They did blood work and determined that I had a bacterial infection in my stomach. It was so painful! The nurse said my one blood work, a C reactor or something, was supposed to be 3, but mine was 60.  I had no idea what that was, but I know that far off isn't good!! After two nights in the hospital, I was feeling better, but the pain in my stomach was still really bad. They sent me home with a few meds and said to stay off dairy, oils, fats, etc. for at least two weeks.

Well, after talking to my mom, I found out the C thing that was elevated indicates ulcers. Yet, the hospital never checked for that.  So, I immediately made an appt. to see a specialist in Hong Kong. Had I gone there first, it would have been diagnosed correctly, but I couldn't get there in the pain I was in, let alone get across the border with my fever. They do fever checks to keep sick people out.

Anyway, I sent to see the doctor on Wed. Keep in mind that I went to work on Monday and Tuesday, just working through the pain in my stomach. I fasted, knowing that in order to get a test it would be required and I didn't want to come back again. The doctor trusted me, seeing the pain I was in, and scheduled a scope. It turns out that I do have stomach ulcers. Yes, plural.  I saw 4 circled areas on my pictures, and thought I had 4 ulcers. It turns out, those are just the areas they are contained. There are actually 7 ulcers in my stomach!! One is big, one is medium, and the rest are small. But, not wonder I hurt so much. 7!!!! So, it's been super boring food for me, and barely any, b/c I didn't have an appetite for the longest time. I'm finally getting hungry again, but sticking to toast, jello, oatmeal, soup, rice, and veggies.  I  am not 100% pain free, but better day by day. When the pain is all gone, I'll start to eat more variety, but I am bound and determined to keep my diet in check to prevent another flare up. That is definitely the WORST pain I have ever had.

This week at school, despite the pain, the kids are still good. The boys are giving me a run for my money, but overall, not too bad. We are learning lots and they are cute kids! I got lucky with another good looking group. :)

AND, as if the Teacher Fairy knew how much I needed a break, along with my colleagues, she talked to Mother Nature and arranged a huge storm. We had off school today!!! What a way to kick-start the weekend. It was pouring hard core this morning, but now, the sun is out and it's a total free day for us. I am choosing to take it easy. I'm working on laundry and watching tv. I am going to keep taking it easy all weekend to save as much energy for school as possible.

I'm grateful for the several meds that are making me feel better, and definitely for the several friends who helped me with food, visiting me in the hospital, etc. I am such a lucky girl to have such amazing friends in life. Now, to just get rid of these ulcers. lol.

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