Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Pause on fun; start on work

This weekend has been a fun-filled (and good laughs with friends) weekend. Friday night, I met up with some friends for dinner. We tried a new Japanese place in the mall by me and it was really good. The tuna rolls and shrimp tempura rolls were absolutely delicious! Then, we went to Wal-Mart. My friend's mom is visiting, and this in itself is a tourist attraction. We showed her how you can get fresh butchered meat, fish for your own seafood (yes, you can use a net to catch your own fish out of the big tanks), see the before and after of certain animals (you can buy skinned duck, or in the deli section, roasted ones), and much  more!  But, the highlight was seeing a mom hold her small daughter (about one year old) over a trash can so she could go to the bathroom. No lie!!  You see it outside a lot, but indoors isn't AS common. After our outings, we headed back to the house for an evening of Hand and Foot - a card game that I now know and enjoy. It was a great evening with friends.

Saturday, I had some work to do for a social committee that I am on. So, we went along the area known as Coastal Rose, writing down what all businesses and restaurants were available. I also picked up to-go menus for those who had them. We stopped at one of my favorite places, the Boat House, to have lunch. They serve the most delicious sandwiches. They carve the meat from whole cooked ones (ham, turkey, and chicken). This time, I tried the ham. YUM! You can also get it served on home-made bread, which is the BEST bread here in China!! I also bought a loaf of bread to go. Afterwards, we continued to do some shopping around, then headed back to finally relax in the air conditioning. It is very hot and humid here this time of year. We played some more cards and ordered pizza for dinner.

I left to meet some other friends near 8, who are helping me to plan for my week in Israel. They are from Israel and will be there when I am there, so they are graciously helping me plan, and will then accompany me on several excursions. I am SO grateful and happy. These friends have been wonderful to me and I hope to develop lifelong friendships with them.

Today, Sunday, we headed to the artists' village in Dafen. Wowzer, it was a hot day. I bought one piece of artwork. I had been there before, but my friend and her mom had not. It was a good day though, just hot. Everyone bought something though and we hired a van to take us. It was more money than a metro, but air conditioned, only us, lots of room, and still, only $5 USD each way (over 1/2 hr)!  Not too bad. :)

I am now at home, about to have dinner, then start the task of finishing my progress reports. It won't take too long, but eh, not in the mood for school work. I just want to work on other things, such as packing for my summer!! But, I have to be responsible. I have two weeks left and a TON of things that need done. So, busy time...here I come. I think I can, I think I can......

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