Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Sunday, June 16, 2013

My last week in preschool...

Well, the time has come. I have decided to move up to the 5 year old class next year. I am very excited about the change, but I am going to miss my little ones as well.  This is our last week, and I plan on doing lots of fun, hands-on things. Tomorrow, we are working on mixing colors. I bought vanilla icing and have food coloring. We'll talk about how colors, when mixed, become new colors. I'll show them the options,then I'll let them be creative.  Once they have the color they want, they can ice their own cookie. :)  I know they will love this activity.

Then, on Tuesday, we are going to make individual pizzas for snack. I will take my toaster oven into school and we'll use English muffins, etc. They loved making pizza this year, so why not do it again? This time, they will each have their very own, so they can put exactly what they want on it. IF for some reason, this doesn't pan out as planned, I'll still do something snack related probably.

Wednesday, our last full day, we are going to  make home-made play dough. I love this one most of all! Then, they can take it home with them the same day!

And finally, Thursday. Our last day is only a half day. The kids will come in, play, do circle time with me, have snack, then get ready to perform! Parents will come and the kids will sing two songs that they have been working on. I'll show a slide show that I made with pictures from throughout the year, and we'll end with  each student receiving a certificate of completion. I also have a special gift for each child. Oh, how I will miss them!!!

But, I can't be too sad now. I still have to pack (47 days on the road!), prepare the summer "to do" list for my ayi, finish packing up my classroom (my stuff) to move to another campus, and prepare progress reports to go home on Thursday. And seeing as how it is Sunday evening, not a lot of time before I leave on Saturday morning!! I'm SOOO excited though. :)   I'll try to post the video and/or pics of our end of year party before I head off for vacation.

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