Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Spring Concert success

After a very hurried morning of getting all of the decorations put up for our concert, it started to rain. Luckily, just a few sprinkles, and just for a few minutes. So, we proceeded with our concert. Then, it started to sprinkle again. Oh no....would we make it?  Fortunately, we did. It held off and we were able to sing our songs and smile wonderfully for the many parents we had there. The kids looked adorable and for the most part, did a good job.

We sang "Pretty Flowers", which was to the tune of jingle bells. Then, we sang "Down by the Bay" where the watermelons grow...hence the watermelon headbands. :)

These are some shots of the kiddos, waiting in class before the concert.................

This is my class (one is hiding and one is out sick)....which is the cutest group of kids!

Ah, some of my boys....

Lined up.....singing a song. Well, some are singing. Some just stand and stare. lol

After the concert, we had snack, then a recess break to just run off some extra energy. Below are some super cute shots of my darlings just 'hanging around"!!  The first one cracks me up every time I look at it!! If you knew this kid, you'd understand why it's so funny to me. He is ALWAYS on the go. Here, he really couldn't go anywhere at the moment. LOVE this shot!!!


After this, we managed to get some academics in to our day. We worked on coloring kites to help us learn the color sight words. Some knew all of them!!  To top off our morning, we celebrated the birthday of my littlest one in the class. Not the youngest, just the smallest one! :) I was definitely ready for nap time today. But, even after all of the excitement we had, only 6 of them slept! Oh, what I wouldn't give for an hour nap during me day.

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