Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Monday, April 15, 2013

Was that a plane?

We finally had a break from the rain this weekend, but it wasn't as pleasant as one could have hoped for. Sunday, I went to a birthday party for a student. The weather was warm, but the sky was super "cloudy". I would like to believe that it was just clouds, but in all reality, it was a yellowish color and I was congested and fought a headache all evening upon returning home.

The air quality here was at a very high level of "icky". I have an airport just "up the road" and another close by in Hong Kong, so there are always planes going by. Yesterday, while outside, a plane was flying by. They flight relatively low around this area, and yet, I could hardly see the plane. That is how thick the air is. Today was the same way. I am super congested from the walk home.  If China spent more time caring about the air pollution instead of trying to get ahead, or for that matter, smuggle animals across the seas where they run into a coral reef, things may not be so bad here.

I have a friend with asthma here, and I am no idea how she handles it. Thank goodness for inhalers!  And to think, it is much worse in Beijing. :(  Just under 10 weeks until I hit the road for summer vacation. That is something to make me happy.

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