Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Thursday, February 21, 2013

I miss shopping

Wow, for a girl who claims to be simple and non materialistic, this statement has never rang more true. I miss shopping. I hate trying on clothes with a passion, but when you need something, going shopping for it in the United States is MUCH easier than anywhere else. And here are some reasons why:

1. Sizes.  I know I am not a size two. Hell, single digits haven't been seen for quite some time. And I am ok with that. But, living in Asia makes it challenging to find items (especially pants!) that are of larger proportions.

2. Style.  Unless I am traveling to Europe, finding cute fashions that are not ridiculous is difficult. Or, if I find something cute, is it then back to the size issues most of the time. Although, I did read that overalls are back in style. I always loved mine. :)

3. Quality. Ironically, the items made in China and sold in the USA are BETTER than the items made in China and sold in China. If I pay $5.99 for a shirt here, I better believe there is a good chance it will fall apart after just two runs through the washing machine. However, the same shirt in the States will last me a few years. I have a messenger bag from Old Navy that I bought in 2001 and it is still going strong! As is the cotton t-shirt I happen to be wearing at the very moment. Yep, from 2001. I've already had to trash a shirt from here when it came apart at the seams after washing it.

So, although I do not plan to go home this summer, you better believe that when I do return home again, I'll go with empty suitcases. There is no reason for me to want to shop anywhere else.

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  1. This is Liz, just in case you don't know who this is. :o)

    Anyway, I totally understand your frustration. Being 5'9" with broad shoulders and long legs is rough. It's hard to find pretty much everything. Long jeans seem to be only made for size 9 and lower and shirts that are big enough through the shoulders make me look pregnant since they are for plus size women. And don't get me started on shoes.... lol. A size 12 shoe is hard to find.

    But, I guess we're in pretty even terms since Chinese women are quite small. A piece of advice: if you can, wash everything but jeans on the delicate cycle. That's what I do and my clothes last so much longer....especially bras. ;o)