Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Time to get back to normal

I know. It has been longer than I said it would be. However, when I got back from my vacation, I figured writing about it would just remind me of how incredibly over it was. I was not ready for that. I had such an amazing time, that I just wasn't ready to face reality that it is now just a memory - along with about 1,000 photos. :)

So, Australia: EXPENSIVE. Holy shit. There is no reason for that nonsense. haha. I started in Maryborough, where I have friends. It was so nice to just relax after my work in preschool. Also, it is the birthplace of the author of Mary Poppins. I had no idea. I guess I didn't read my Lonely Planet book too closely before going. I also got to spend this week playing with the most amazingly cute blonde 6 month old named Liam. He is gorgeous! And, lots of fun. I absolutely love kids. Which is why so many people find it odd that I do not consider having my own. I have. I go back and forth. But ultimately, I do not think it is for me. Anyway, moving on....

I spent time at Hervey Bay (pronounced Harvey...damn Aussies) and Frasier Island - the 2nd largest sand island in the world. I have no idea what is first. I just know what the tour guide tells me. It was nice. It was calm and relaxing.

Then, week two....onto Cairns. Oh, how I fell in love with the tropics. Hot weather, access to the rain forests,  islands, Great Barrier Reef...so many awesome things. And, the hostel I stayed at was the best ever. Thanks, Tropical Oasis! I enjoyed swimming and drinking beer on Christmas, and taking my first scuba dive and snorkeling adventure as well. Oh, and I can't forget zip lining through the world's oldest rainforest. Yep, did that too! It was the best week EVER. I was truly sad to go. I almost tried to extend my stay, but had paid so much already for my hostel in Sydney due to the holidays.

Then, there was Sydney. Now, do not get me wrong. It has a few highlights. But, once you see them (which can be done in one day), then it's just another pretentious city full of people who do not care if you are there or not. Now, some other friends who have been there say they did not feel this way and loved it there. It really does depend on who you are. For me, I am a tropics girl. Now I know. So, I am back. I'll blog in more detail about my trip to the Great Barrier Reef, which to this point, is the most amazing thing I have seen while traveling. Oh, almost forgot...Sydney had one great adventure: my first tandem jump out of a plane!! I'll blog about that separately as well.

I hope you missed me!! :)

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