Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Thrill seeking high

As you know (if you have been reading my blog), I had an amazing time in Australia. I loved the Great Barrier Reef. I thoroughly enjoyed having a nice tan in the middle of winter. Now, a nice tan for me simply means I no longer glowed in the dark. Well, parts of me still do, but that's nothing I'll be showing. Lol.  There is something else that I truly enjoyed while vacationing down under. And that was skydiving! Yes, I did it. I jumped out of a plane. And it was so exhilarating. I would do it again in a heartbeat!

I had originally booked for Jan. 3. Three is my lucky number, and I figured it couldn't hurt to jump that day. This was also two days before I was heading back to China. So, IF something did go wrong, such as breaking a leg while landing, I had time to go to the doctor. I wasn't planning on dying. I was optimistic. :) On Jan. 3, I show up with a friend who had decided to jump as well, and we are told we have been delayed. Damn. We go get a bite to eat for breakfast and grab some coffee. Then, we go back to be told we have been delayed again, by yet another hour. Well, she had plans that afternoon/evening, so she ended up not doing it and getting her money refunded. I was left to go alone. Then, a bus finally shows up. Now, bear in mind, I had been waiting since 11 am. As I go to get on, I am told to wait. That bus was for the 1pm divers. WHAT? They get to go before the 11 am group? BULLSHIT! I was furious. So, I refused to wait any longer. I ended up changing my jump to the next day. I didn't want to waste my whole day waiting. I left, pissed off.

The next day, I arrive at 7am. Oiy. That was tough. But, by 7:30, we are out the door. FINALLY, some good karma came my way (I had gotten some bad karma along my travels and was getting frustrated - esp. since I was doing lots of good deeds along the way). I saved $30 on the video/picture combo, and I got a super hot skydive instructor named Kobe.

I was nervous, but in a good way. I was never scared or wanting to back out, but definitely nervous. Then it was time. One minute we are sitting on the edge of a plane, and the next minute, I am free falling VERY fast towards the ground.

WOW. What a rush!! I was in shock for the first few seconds, then enjoying the feeling of doing something so crazy and exciting. Once the parachute opened and we slowed down, I had time to catch my breath and take in the sky and scenery. It was so cool. I was floating through the air and it felt great. Kobe kept chatting with me and I even got to steer the chute. Yay me! 

Once we were back on the ground, I couldn't take the smile off of my face, even if I had wanted to. I had just done something so incredible, that I do not know why more people do not do it. I get it..."it's a perfectly good plane, so why jump out?"  mentality, but here is my mentality on life:  If you are only ever going to do things because you are afraid of the what if's, then you are not living life right. I am not saying to be stupidly dangerous, but do exciting things that make you say, "Holy shit, that was amazing!"   

For anyone who wants to see the video of my chubby face flapping in the air, here is the link to the youtube video:     http://youtu.be/bTjW6QUdZ20           ENJOY!! 

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