Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Uncertainty is what life is all about

Today, we had a school-wide staff meeting to talk about the future of our school. We are currently in 4 buildings in the area where I live, and have another school in a location not too far down the road. Well, we are going to begin combining into one large school beginning next year. They will start with moving the 2's and the lower elementary (5-8) to the new building, as well as the other school, which carries on through age 13. Then, in 3 years, a new facility should be built to house all of us.

So for next year, this should not have an impact on me. UNLESS the current two year old teachers do not want to go. Then, I may have to  move to 2's. I was hired as that, but was moved to threes due to numbers. I have no idea what next year holds. I do know that I REALLY do not want to relocate if I do not have to. I would keep the same apartment, so that means at least 30-45 minute commute each day, of which I would have to pay for! Right now, I walk 5 min. to work. And, I love my 3's. I am finally getting the hang of it, or most of it. haha. I like the families I have, the coworkers, etc. I do not want to start over with another curriculum so soon. I really hope I can stay. But, not sure yet what will or will not happen and no clue when I will know for sure.

For now, I'll continue to love what I do, and continue to enjoy my short commute. The one thing I know about life is that it is uncertain. You have no idea what will or will not happen, despite all of your planning, etc. Things can change so quickly. You just have to roll with it. And if truly upset, have a great bitch session with your friends over a few bottles of wine. :)

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