Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Monday, October 8, 2012

Really? Not "that fat"?!

This morning, I went to my coworker's room to return some books I had of hers. She was in the process of telling me she liked my top, when she blurted out, "You know, you are not that fat." I just looked at her. I was too shocked by this out-of-the-blue comment to respond. So, since I said nothing, she continued to tell me exactly what areas were fat and could afford to lose some.  Wow. I had no idea what to say at this point in time. I have never had anyone be so brutally rude to me, without trying to be rude.

I have to take into consideration that there are cultural differences and that maybe she had no real idea of how offensive this was. At least, I like to think that was the case. Otherwise, holy hell! Haha. Now, as the day went on, I found myself going back and forth between irritated and hurt. Sure, I know I've put on weight over the years. I get it. But, am I that heavy to others? I've even lost weight since arriving here. Well, not much, but still. Do others really see me as "fat"? I see myself as slightly chubby, but never thought of myself as fat.

Then, I had to think about what bothered me more. The idea that I am fat, or the idea that I let other's opinions of me get to me. I am gonna go with the second one. I tell my students to be nice, not let others make you feel bad, etc., yet I was letting this person get to me, although I doubt that was her intention. So, for dinner, I treated myself out with friends. I had a taco salad, french fries, and two beers. Yep...enjoyed every bite! Then, I stopped at the bakery to get a pineapple and cream cheese danish for tomorrow's breakfast! Life is too good to me right now to let anyone get to me about an extra 10 pounds. Who gives a shit! It's just a number. So, here's to good food, good wine/beer/etc., and good times savoring them!!!

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