Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Positive Day...motivation in full swing!

I had parent conferences last night and all day today. Ok, not all day, but throughout the day. haha.  Anyway, my conferences went AMAZINGLY well. Not only are parents happy and children are happy, but I had some of the best compliments ever.

1:  "Do you have children at home?"  (me: no)  "Really? You are so great with them, I figured it was from experience."

2:  "We appreciate that you have set boundaries for him. And you still hug him and show him affection. That is the exact balance he needs. You are the best teacher we could have hoped for."

3:  "I just want my son to be happy. He loves Ms. Johanna, so we do not care about anything else."

Yep...a perfect day with parents. I have my moments with them as well, but this is the best I have felt about what I do lately. It is easy to get frustrated, especially with three year old children. But, knowing I am doing it well is a reward like no other. I do not care who you are, praise is a good thing. It is not necessary in life. You can go without it and survive. But, when you get genuine praise for something you have worked very hard at, it is like scratching off a $2 lottery ticket from the gas station and winning $100 - unexpected but well worth the chance taken. :)

Next week's lesson plans and materials are ready to go. I have a fun Oktoberfest-filled evening planned tomorrow (as well as shopping), and faith in myself to keep pushing myself to be a better teacher.  Now, if I only had as much will-power to make myself study for my board certification class!!

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