Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Money talks

It was that time of week when I needed my eggs and milk. I hit up a convenience store on the way home for milk, but was disappointed to have to buy two juice box sized ones, as nobody carries the larger ones except for Walmart, or other grocery stores and I just wasn't doing that tonight. Anyway, I get the milk and head for home. The veggie dealer, as I like to call her, is right near my place. I also get my eggs there.

Now, the ladies who work there have tried to teach me some numbers, but since they only speak Chinese, I do not know what numbers they are teaching me! haha. Today, I figured out the best way to get the right amount of eggs was to simply give the woman the amount I wanted to spend on them. She'd then fill the bag to that amount. Yep, I was right! I simply said hello and handed her my 13RMB, which is roughly $2 USD. I  pointed to the eggs. She smiled and got busy. As she was filling up my bag, I proceeded to pick up one large, fresh tomatoes, one gigantic potato, and a handful of snap peas. These cost me 5RMB, which is 80 cents. :)

By this time, my eggs were ready to go. She handed me the bag and I said thank you and goodbye to the both of them. When I got home, I discovered that my $2 USD bought me 19 eggs. I was pretty happy with that. Sometimes, handing over the money first just works.

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