Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Monday, July 23, 2012

Letting go was somewhat easy

This evening, I went through my totes in my best friend's basement. She is storing my items for me while I live overseas. Well, after a year without a lot of my material possessions, I have learned what is and is not important to keep. We'll be having a yard sale before I leave for China, so I went through and decided to get rid of some things, even though this time last year, I swore I needed to save them.

I managed to fill two large totes, as well as an extra bag, with things I do not need to keep in boxes. I realize that I no longer need them, or I can just replace it if and when the time deems it necessary. Now, of course, there were things in those boxes that I cannot bear to part with. For example, my Christmas decorations that I have had since I was born. Or, some things that belonged to my deceased father. I have a shirt of his that he never even wore (that I recall). It was from when he played ball, and it says his name. Do I need this shirt? No. But, does it make me smile to see it and think of him? Yes. And for that reason, it stays safely tucked inside with other treasured items.

What items do not sell at the sale will be donated to Goodwill. I no longer need to hold onto some things. I still have 9 totes down in the basement, but not bad..packing 33 years of things into 9 totes. Of course, I have about a full tote worth that is coming to China with me. Haha. Someday, I'll buy my flat in Paris and can just store my things in my own place. Until then, they'll sit in a basement of a dear friend's house, where I know the memories will stay safe.

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