Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What can't vodka do?

Over my past 10 months here in Kazakhstan, I've heard many things about one single product: vodka.  For instance, it is used to clean markers off of white boards.  If you have a fever, you rub vodka soaked cotton balls across your forehead and on your arms. It will reduce your fever.  If you have a sore throat,  you gargle with it.  If you get cut and need a quick disinfectant, vodka is your go-to item. In the winter, when most everything freezes, you can use vodka for your windshield washing fluid in your car. It will freeze at the coldest of temps, but long after other products would have. Toothache? Yep, you got it. Seriously, locals swear by this stuff to help you fix anything under the sun.

Recently, I've been attacked by TONS of mosquitoes. My feet and ankles have so many bites, it is hard to tell where one stops and another begins. The school doctor gave me anti-itch stuff the other day, but it was green. It was a liquid like iodine, but green! I walked around looking like an alien! And, with it being so hot, if you sweat, it runs. I was warned by several local staff that it does not come out of clothing. So today, when the doctor asked me why I wasn't using it today, I explained about the clothing. She understood and had a simple solution - VODKA! Just put vodka on the bites to heal them up. After all, it's clear. I couldn't believe it. After everything else, now bug bites?! Haha.  I guess I should invest in a small bottle to get me through this bug-biting next few weeks.

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