Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Saturday, June 9, 2012

An amazing evening with random folks

Last night I attended a dinner that I had been invited to by me friends at the British Embassy. They are a great couple and I figured whatever other people they had invited must be great as well, or at least I hoped. I arrived to find that I actually already knew 3 of the other guests. One is a military man with the U.S. Embassy whom I had met at a karaoke/bar night with the hockey team before. The other two were a couple that I had seen at several events, such as the triathlon, 5K, etc. We had never really met, but briefly chatted. Add in a German couple, a Scottish couple, and one more US military guy and that was our dinner party. And I had a blast! There was enough food to feed all of us for two days. I also tried Pimm's for the first time. It's a scotch-based English drink that wasn't bad at all. Of course, it was mixed w/sprite (which unfortunately ended up tearing up my stomach later b/c I don't drink soda....but didn't know it was mixed w/soda until too late..), and had fresh fruit in it. There was shashlik, chicken, couscous, salads, homemade breads, roasted vegetables, lots of wine, and to finish - TWO desserts. One was a delicious strawberry pound cake of sorts and the other was an apricot and almond torte. This thing was absolutely out of this world!! I can't wait to get the recipe!

I love hanging out w/my friends that I know and laughing, but when you have one of those night with people you do not know, it's a good feeling as well. Life is full of amazing people and you never know when you'll be having dinner with them. :)

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