Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Spaghetti, anyone?

Whew. It's over and done with...our spaghetti dinner fundraiser. It went well. Not as well as it could have, but better than expected. I was trying to be optimistic and shoot for 75 people. I think we had along the lines of 55.  So, not too shabby. Everyone enjoyed it and many came back for seconds! We even had left overs. Yep, we know how to cook for a crowd! haha.

All-in-all, we raised over $250 for prom/graduation. This is nearly 40,000 tenge, which is a lot here. It'll really help with costs.  The folks from the U.S.A. Embassy - big shout out to you - were awesome! They brought a good group and even helped do dishes!! They were all amazing. And, when we mentioned the idea of a pancake dinner or brunch, they were really on board with helping us make that a big success as well. :)  But, it's  now 9:35 at night. I have been home for one hour (worked straight through end of school to end of event) and I am beat. The kids owe us big time, seeing as how only 3 of them worked the event. A few of us teachers pretty much did it all. And while I am one to support kids, these ones have an ear-full coming. They'll work hard at the next event, or I keep the money for preschool equipment! Yep, I sure would.  Hopefully though, they realize how awesome they have it, and step up. We'll see....

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