Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Monday, May 7, 2012

Caution: I may sneeze on you.

Ugh. It's that time of year again. The weather is changing unpredictably from chilly to warm and back to chilly, with gusts of wind and fresh pollen about. So, of course, I have a sinus infection. The really crappy part is that so does Snickers. I think. Or allergies. I am not 100% sure and neither is her vet. :(

But, back to me for now. I have approximately 10 days to get my documents to China so that my school there can apply for my visa permit. I finally have everything I need, as well as an appointment with the embassy tomorrow to get my one paper notarized. This is good. Having to work today was not. I needed to get these things done, but my throat feels like I have swallowed barb wire and it pains me to drink even water. Imagine how fun it was to have to be enthusiastic all day with my 3 yr. old kiddos - especially since one just returned today after being in India for months. I couldn't slack today. He had to know how great it was now. He had to have a great first day back. And he did.

I am home, picked up an antibiotic and nose spray at the pharmacy, and plan to try some hot tea in a bit. Maybe that will help. I ate dinner because I was hungry, but it was such a painful ordeal. I'm not sure what is worse: eating while in severe pain to swallow, or being forced to eat something horrid like liver.  Oiy. Tough call. I'll even be brave enough to admit this little secret....I'm a big wuss when I am sick! I am such a momma's girl (even at 33) that, when I do not feel well, I immediately wish for my mom to be at my side. They seem to make being sick more bearable.

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