Hidden Valley Waterfall

Hidden Valley Waterfall

Friday, April 27, 2012

Yard sales go much better here!

As I am preparing to move, I once again realize I have too much crap for one person!! A single woman does not need a two closets full of clothes. I always wear the same 5-10 fav. things anyway. With getting/bringing so many things from home, those items sell well in this country. You can find lots of things here, but the quality is shoddy and the price is ridiculously high.

So, yesterday was part 1 of the yard sale. See, our school's parent support group has one where people can sell things at, or donate, but that one is in June. I wanted to see how much I could sell prior to that, so I do not have to haul a ton of stuff to school.  Part 1 went well. I sold off pots, baking items, plates, cups, vitamins, lotions, clothes, luggage, shoes, and more. I still have a bunch of stuff left too. My amazing friends helped me raise over $200 towards the $400 price to get Snickers back home to my mom's house. Yep, she costs that much. Her crate is in the $200 category for size, but her weight puts her in the next category up, which is another $200. They sure know how to make a killing my discriminating against fat animals. ;)

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